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Revolutionary cloud-based service management system, that helps organisations manage their multiple language requirements from a single point and automates processes to drive cost efficiencies.



Our revolutionary cloud-based service management system.
  • Book, amend and track the progress of your bookings within Wordskii™
  • Access telephone, video and face to face interpreters from a single platform
  • Access telephone, video and face to face interpreters from a single platform
  • Access real-time KPI’s and reports
  • Save on admin time and costs
  • Automatic invoicing – avoids human error and saves you the time

If your organisation uses multiple language services such as interpreting, translation and transcription, talk to our team about how Wordskii can save you money and reduce administrative time.

Download Wordskii™

App available for Android and Iphone. Book, Manage and Monitor Face to Face interpreters.

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Wordskii Live™

Access remote video and telephone interpreting from one portal

The Wordskii Live Telephone & Video Interpreting Service provides remote access to a pool of interpreters within a few seconds.It is a simple and easy to navigate portal that helps drive time and efficiencies across organisations. Experience high quality visuals minimised confusion and an enhanced user experience.

Download Wordskii Live™

App available for Android and Iphone. Stay Connected with Remote Video and Telephone Interpreting app.

Translation Toolbox

Managing content in multiple languages, for numerous projects, with varying deadlines can be quite tedious. The Word360 Translation Toolbox is designed to allow your content management system to remain productive by storing and accessing translated content from one location. one place

  • Secure, confidential transfer of content
  • Quick translation requests and one-click re-ordering
  • Follow the progress of your translation project
  • Access your translations from one place

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