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We create content so that information is suitable for those with learning difficulties. Convert content into a a simple and understandable format.

Make Information Accessible

Under the Accessible Information Standard, organisations are required to offer documents that are easier to understand for people with learning disabilities.

Creating Easy Read documents is a specialist service whereby information can be re-created using pictures and easy words.  Word360 have a specialist team that create such documents for organisations including the NHS.

Trusted Easy Read Service

When we create Easy Read documents, we will ensure that:

The information is easy to understand

We include only information that is important and useful

We use short words and sentences

We include Photographs, Pictures and symbols

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We help organisations like yours promote inclusivity, improve the accessibility of their services and adhere to regulations and quality standards.

Further Resources

NHS England – more information about accessible information

CHANGE has produced a communication card which you can use to share your communication needs, which can be downloaded from their website here

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    Wordskii Live has been invaluable through COVID19 in supporting our patients with a professional interpreter in critical situations.

    Paul Singh

    Paul SinghBlack Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

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    Things our clients want to know

    With Wordskii Live you are able to pre-book and connect to an interpreter on demand.

    We currently accommodate up to 10 users per call.

    The service user will receive an SMS message and/or Email notification with all the information and a link to join the video conference. All telephone calls are secure and confidential.

    Yes, we will review the length and complexity of the content and provide you with an accurate quote and lead time.

    They work on freelance basis but every interpreter is provided with training and signs a client confidentiality NDA.