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Accessibility is more than a right, it’s a legal requirement. Make sure your digital presence is accessible and compliant with Word360 easy read services.

We believe in accessibility as a right and craft expert solutions to help clients on their journey towards accessible, legally compliant content.

Accessibility Law

Under the Accessible Information Standard, public sector bodies and organisations are now required to offer all of their digital content in an easy to read, accessible format. Additionally, they must provide an accessibility statement.

Word360 can streamline this process for you, converting content to easy read formats as well as producing accessibility statements.

Accessibility as a Right

1 in 5 people in the UK require accessible content online, so to exclude these people would be wrong and short-sighted. That’s why, legal requirement or not, we believe in offering accessibility for all.

To ensure that you’re not excluding a fifth of the UK from your website, Word360 can provide you with everything you need to make your digital presence accessible.

What is Easy Read Format?

Easy read is a method of presenting information, including text and images, that allows people with learning disabilities fair access to the same information as everyone else. It focusses on breaking down information into its core features, removing distractions, and presenting it in a visually digestible format.

Easy read is also helpful for those who are not fluent and even those who do not suffer from learning disabilities and speak English fluently, as it allows information to be digested quickly and easily.

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We help organisations, public or private, achieve accessibility, meet regulations, and expand their audiences.

Understand Easy Read

NHS England – for more information about accessible information

CHANGE has produced a communication card which people can use to share their communication needs with others, and can be downloaded from their website here

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    With Wordskii Live you are able to pre-book and connect to an interpreter on demand.

    We currently accommodate up to 10 users per call.

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    Yes, we will review the length and complexity of the content and provide you with an accurate quote and lead time.

    They work on freelance basis but every interpreter is provided with training and signs a client confidentiality NDA.