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We are Sector Specialists

The cosmetic and beauty industry is a highly competitive marketplace. Attracting consumers with on-point branding and POS material, accurate DFU’s and cautions is essential in any retail environment. That is why your international marketing materials need to carry the same level of accuracy and creative poise as the original brand whilst addressing cultural nuances.

Our cosmetics and beauty translation teams are experts in more than just translation. They transcreate, transliterate and use words that will resonate with your target audience and will have the same marketing appeal as your original brand.

Why choose us

We offer transcreation, transliteration for your brand

We understand the cosmetics and beauty regulations / legislations

We work in over 200 languages

We offer quick turnaround and same day translations

Our Wordskii tools can manage your multiple language workflows

We are ISO:9001 quality assurance certified

Our team consists of experienced cosmetic and beauty translators

We can help you enter multiple foreign markets with ease

Transcreation of POS and Marketing Materials

Localisation of DFU and Cautions

Translation of Ingredients

Creation and Proofing of Artwork

Want to control your costs? Our fixed price plans allow you to manage your costs and budget for upcoming cosmetics translations

Specialist Cosmetic and Beauty Translation Requirements

Tight deadlines… Continuous workflows? Perfect! Our cutting edge project management tools will allow your marketing teams to stay on top of multiple language translations through straightforward account management functionality and simple workflows. Our Cosmetic transcreation and localisation services are the reason we are trusted by global brands, such as: Charlotte Tilbury, Jessica Nails, Milk Makeup, Limelife by Alcone, Biotyspa, Absolute Collagen and many more.

Launching your product in Multiple Countries at once?

Not a problem. We appreciate the pressures of launching multiple products across different countries at once, which is why our dedicated project managers will work around the clock to ensure you meet your deadlines. Handle your cosmetics translations quickly and simply through our project management tools and dedicated pricing plans to help manage your time and budget.

Cosmetics translator

Experienced Cosmetic Translators

When you give us a project, we form a native translation team that specialises in cosmetic and beauty translations. Their expertise in cosmetic labelling, manuals, patents, and packaging will give your products the edge over the competition, whilst complying with regulation and legislation. Regular cosmetic translation needs? Talk to us about our cost-effective solutions for ensuring consistency in terminology across your products.

Cosmetics Foreign Language Typesetting
From Text to Design

It is one thing getting your packaging translated but this can pose a heap of challenges for your design teams when it comes to typesetting the content into a design that is, most of the time, within a limited space. Our experienced design studio will help your team to lay the translation into your artwork. They will work with the translators to ensure grammatical correctness and even adjust translations where the volume is excessive.

Cosmetics and Beauty Labelling

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With Wordskii Live you are able to pre-book and connect to an interpreter on demand.

We currently accommodate up to 10 users per call.

The service user will receive an SMS message and/or Email notification with all the information and a link to join the video conference. All telephone calls are secure and confidential.

Yes, we will review the length and complexity of the content and provide you with an accurate quote and lead time.

They work on freelance basis but every interpreter is provided with training and signs a client confidentiality NDA.