Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

Centred around Walsall Manor Hospital, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust provides local general hospital and community services to 260,000 people in Walsall and the surrounding areas.

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

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  • August 8, 2016
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The Challenge

Following an inspection by CQC, Walsall Healthcare were placed under ‘special circumstance’. Their Contract Management team were under pressure to make vast changes to the delivery of services and having a reliable service for the provision of spoken and non-spoken services was imperative. They also had three link workers, whose roles included providing interpreting services and therefore also needed to be accounted for. They required a complete transformation of their current language services, as well a means for their current link workers to stay.

The Solution

Face to Face Interpreting

With over 5000 qualified, vetted linguists on our team, we were able to find the right interpreters to deliver face to face interpreting to the Trust effortlessly. Alongside this, we made major adjustments to our internal processes in order to incorporate their existing link workers (whom all had their own personal shift rotas) into our booking allocation processes. We’re proud to state that we have had a delivery rate of 99.9% from day one of our partnership with the Trust.

Telephone Interpreting

We introduced telephone interpreting to the Trust, in order to drive cost efficiencies. Previously, the Trust had been using Face to Face Interpreting only. By introducing Telephone Interpreting, we were able to drive down the number of Face to Face bookings made and therefore managed to make significant cost savings for the Trust. As our telephone service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they also had the confidence that they could access emergency language support at any time; an essential requirement for A&E and urgent services.

British Sign Language interpreters

The BSL community is a tight knit group who know one another socially. Our local BSL partners have built trust with the deaf community at Walsall Manor, allowing the community to feel safe and secure. There is now a 100% support rate for deaf patients in accessing a BSL interpreter for their appointment.

Bespoke Service Management System

Word360 use a unique service management system that has been developed with the public sector in mind. The system enables our clients to manage all of their language services from a single platform. This includes telephone, video and translation services as well as their face to face interpreting requests. The system can be used by 10 – 10,000 users, offering complete flexibility and adaptability. It also offers bespoke reporting in real time for better budgeting control and usage analysis.


With a dedicated Word360 Training Academy and Language School, we had the vast experience to train the front-line teams over at Walsall Manor. The aims of these training sessions were to educate the front-line teams and arm them with the correct information to feel empowered to make informed decisions. As the Trust still had three link workers that provided interpreting services, we also had to re-train these link workers and take them through our extensive induction process.
Case Study Details

I would unreservedly recommend Word360 as managed language service providers. They have effectively addressed the key areas in our business that required addressing and vastly improved the quality of the service. Word360 really care about the patients they help and that is resonates throughout their business; caring. No request is too much….their service management system is incredible and significantly amplifies their proposition as a complete managed service provider.

Garry Perry Head of Patient Relations