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Packaging labels nowadays not only reflect the brand of a company but have to meet the strict regulatory compliance measures that govern the countries in which they are to be sold. If the details are not correct, it can lead to a number of serious repercussions.

Evans Vanodine

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  • June 12, 2020
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It is fair to say….Labelling should not be taken lightly! Packaging regulations have a demanding number of requirements in relation to the type of information that needs to be included and how it is presented. In accordance to EU regulations, all pharmaceutical packaging must be translated into the official language of the country they are sold in. Adhering to regulation is a challenge and with the additional requirement of translating the content into another language, makes the process of label translation very complex and demanding requiring excellent attention to detail. When looking for an experienced and reliable partner, Evans Vanodine approached Word360 given our industry reputation for delivering technical translations for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The Challenge

Evans Vanodine International asked Word360 to assist with the translation, re-design and typesetting of a multilingual Label for an Egyptian client. The challenge was in ensuring that the translation remained accurate and compliant as well as written to fit within the size constraints.With Arabic being a language which is read from right to left, the design aspect of the project also needed to be taken into careful consideration.


Our specialist project manager created a technical translation and design team to meet the needs of this client including designers with a working knowledge of Arabic artwork requirements.With an in-house design team, the entire project detail was handled swiftly and efficiently. Once the translation was proofread, the designer got to work to typeset the Arabic text, liaising with translators continually to adapt the content to fit the label. The final print ready label was then reviewed once again by the specialist translator ensuring that the content has been accurately placed within the artwork.The label was delivered translated, fully formatted and print ready in the file type of choice.

How we work

At Word360, the project managers are trained in identifying the requirements and translating the text according to the applicable regulations. We understand that packaging material include sensitive content such as warnings, directions for use and ingredients. This makes it essential to have an error free translation as one mistake could result in terrible consequences.Our linguists are carefully vetted to ensure that they localise their translation and effectively use industry standard terminology.
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'Very reliable, easy communication and always faster than expected service; an enjoyment to work with! A great choice that we'd recommend to anyone who’s looking for a stress-free translation service.'

Marcus Vanodine Graphic and Branding Coordinator