Word360 have partnered with civil engineering and project management giants ARUP to support them through numerous communication challenges.


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  • June 16, 2020
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The Challenge

The partnership between Word360 and Arup has continued since 2015 when ARUP approached Word360 by referral, with an unusual request. After obtaining a large-scale construction project in eastern Europe, Word360 were requested to translate 50,000 words of legal and corporate documentation in Estonian within 2 days, in preparation for a series of strategic meetings.

The Solution – Out of the Box Approach

A standard approach to ARUP’s communication barrier was not a realistic logistical option. Due to the confidential nature of the project, Word360 identified that the documents would not be able to pass through the usual translation channels as they were not permitted to leave ARUP’s office. Therefore, conventional document translation was swiftly ruled out. Word360 were dedicated in providing a solution which matched the diverse and specific requirements set by ARUP. Upon further discussion, it was identified that while the whole document didn’t necessarily need verbatim translation – it was the specific contracts that needed translating to provide a reference tool for ARUP’s partners.

Consultative Translation

In order to preserve the security of the documents, Word360 presented an innovative action plan which centred around the use of on-site professional translators to provide live translation on a consultative basis. Whilst machine translation was also presented as a solution, there was no margin for error on this project meaning human accuracy, insight and inference skills were essential.
  • Professional translation support in languages such as Estonian, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish
  • Sector specialists were identified by Word360 and deployed effectively.
  • A dedicated service was provided in each session.
  • Specific sections of the contract were identified to enable efficient communication support.
  • Confidentiality was prioritised as the interpreters attended meetings at ARUP’s London office.
  • Cost-effective response which prioritised vital sections of the document.
  • A team built for precision – ARUP now have a dedicated team of translators with proven experience.

Adapting to the Future

Following the success of the initial translation project, Word360 have continued to be ARUP’s trusted partner for translation services and have worked on international projects in Europe and the Middle East. This partnership has continued throughout the COVID crisis, and Word360 have continued to provide confidential and secure video interpreting services to ensure the continued success of ARUP’s ventures.
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