Technology in Cosmetics

Why Technology Means a New Era for Cosmetics

Technology is now an inescapable facet of our everyday lives, before, during, and after the pandemic, this was, is, and will be true. A fantastic example of this is the cosmetics industry, which has embraced digital technology wholesale in order to keep up with new consumer demands. By 2023, the...

Video Conferencing GP

Top Online GP Consultation Providers 2021

COVID-19 has changed the way that healthcare services are accessed on a global scale. More NHS services than ever are now available digitally, in fact, in the past year 93% of primary care visits in England took place digitally. These rapid adaptations are largely in response to the pandemic,...

data compliance with word360

Is Your Team Violating Data Compliance Laws with Online Translation Tools?

On the 3rd of September, 2018, Norwegian news outlet, NRK, reported that highly sensitive corporate information pertaining to the Statoil petroleum company was scattered across the internet. Shortly after, Slator, the translation industry news body, conducted a further investigation and found that “an astonishing variety” of similar information was...